Goldie (Gabriella Marie Hernandez) was born January 13 1995, in New Brunswick, New Jersey to Dominican mother and Cuban father, third daughter of four girls. Goldie attended Parkview Elementary in Milltown, NJ from Kindergarten to second grade, where she participated in extra-curriculars such as softball, gymnastics and acrobats. Goldie moved to Jersey City at the age of 7, where she transferred to PS#6 Elementary School. Goldie moved to Rockland, NY at the age of 9 where the age of 14, Goldie began attending Clarkstown North High School. the age of 14, Goldie began attending Clarkstown North High School. In sophomore year she began to explore to her musical talent enrolling herself in private vocal lessons in Nanuet, NY music store. As she became further involved with songwriting and vocal lessons at the age of 15 she started recording and developing as an artist with local producer Jared Bonvino. Eventually landing her on 2012 Camplified Tour under the name “Gabby Hernandez”. Upon graduation, she was more determined than ever to pursue a professional career in music. In 2014, Goldie was scouted by Music Manager Matthew (Vine) Burke at a Craig Derry Vocal Class.Goldie is currently working on her Album Gold, at Pulse Studios in Manhattan under Walk on Water Music Group. Album Gold is set to release 2017, which will  feature her first single Caliente.